The general director of Kaspersky Lab, Evgeny Kaspersky, said in an interview with Kommersant that office software for smartphones based on KasperskyOS will be made by New Cloud Technologies. The release of the smartphone is planned in the fall of 2021.

“We are looking for companies that make software for us, for example, in July 2020 we increased our share to 47% in New Cloud Technologies (developed by MyOffice), because a mobile device will need office software,” – said Mr. Kaspersky.

Kommersant reported that Kaspersky Lab began testing the applicability of KasperskyOS in smartphones in December 2019.

In the middle of summer in Russia, the first domestic smartphones may appear, working on a choice under Android or “Aurora”. The devices are intended for the corporate and public sector, they are developed by one of the largest distributors of electronics in the Russian Federation – “Marvel-Distribution”.

About devices based on KasperskyOS – in an interview with Eugene Kaspersky “Kommersant” “In fact, everyone attacks everyone.”