Neurologist Shindryayeva linked drowsiness with the risk of developing cancer

Global Look Press |  Alexey Vasnetsov/Russian Look
Global Look Press | Alexey Vasnetsov/Russian Look

Drowsiness can be a sign of serious disorders in the body, said neurologist Natalya Shindryaeva.

According to her, hypersomnia is not always a manifestation of chronic fatigue. If this symptom occurs, it is better not to ignore it and immediately contact an endocrinologist. The specialist will prescribe a series of tests to identify the causes of increased drowsiness.

Shindryaeva noted that a constant desire to fall asleep may indicate problems with the thyroid gland and other hormonal disorders of the body. Also, the cause of hypersomnia can be iron deficiency anemia and the development of oncology, writes Gazeta.Ru.


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