NetEase analysts have compiled a list of Russian weapons that frighten the West

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

The Russian military has at its disposal five types of weapons that are very frightening to Western countries, writes NetEase.

The publication notes that in the first place of the list is the submarine of the Russian Navy project 955 “Borey”. It is equipped with powerful nuclear warheads that can destroy the United States in a few minutes, PolitRussia reports.

The second strategic Russian weapon is the Poseidon underwater drone. It is the carrier of a nuclear torpedo, so it can be considered one of the trump cards of Russia’s nuclear forces.

It is emphasized that the Sarmat ballistic missile is the third combat system that frightens the West. It is noted that this ICBM is invulnerable to missile defense systems and can hit a target anywhere in the world.

“Ten heavy-duty or 15 medium maneuverable nuclear warheads carried by the Sarmat can cover any point in the United States,” the article says.

The penultimate place in the list is occupied by the Perimeter system. It is an automated complex to counter a nuclear attack on the Russian Federation. If the Russian command posts are destroyed, the ballistic missiles will automatically retaliate against the aggressor. In fifth place, experts placed the Tu-160 bombers, which have a long flight range and can carry a huge number of warheads.


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