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neither Israel nor the US will attack Iran

Israel is not going to start a war against Iran, Tehran does not have nuclear weapons, Israeli expert Yakov Kedmi believes.

Neither Israel nor the United States will attack Iran, a former Israeli intelligence official said on the program “An Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” (the full version of the program is available on the Watch platform).

He is convinced that a nuclear war can only start if a country faces the threat of annihilation. And in the modern world, such a threat exists only for Russia. At the same time, according to Kedmi, Russia never threatened the United States, did not say that it wants to change the American regime.

The expert believes that it is not the use of tactical nuclear weapons that will launch a nuclear war. It is a mistake to assume that the Russian Federation will go for this. The war will begin with the use of strategic nuclear forces. At the same time, the American military, realizing the inevitability of the apocalypse, as professionals, is not going to expose their head and their country to possible destruction, and therefore treat the topic of nuclear weapons responsibly.

The same cannot be said for politicians like British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss or Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who is pushing her country into conflict with China. They need a doctor, the expert believes.


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