NBC Reports Biden’s ‘PR Nightmare’ After Documents Scandal

The administration of US President Joe Biden is bogged down in a “PR nightmare” in connection with the scandal over the discovery of secret documents in the house of the American leader. This is stated in the material of the NBC channel, published on Wednesday, January 18.

The broadcasters described the current state of the Biden administration as a “damage control regime.”

“The White House is currently bogged down in a PR nightmare. After a week of more and more reports about what exactly was found, and where and when it was found, they have to balance between an ongoing criminal investigation and calls for more transparency, ”NBC noted.

Moreover, the sources of the channel said that Biden himself is currently becoming more and more disappointed in the abilities of his team due to their unsuccessful attempts to show him in a better light compared to ex-president Donald Trump.

Earlier in the day, The Wall Street Journal reported that the US Department of Justice had decided not to use the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to oversee searches of Joe Biden’s home. According to the publication, the department does not want to complicate the next stages of the investigation into the case of secret documents at the home of the American president.

On January 14, Reuters, citing Joe Biden’s lawyer, reported that new secret documents had been found in the private house of the US President. During searches, lawyers found five files marked “secret” from the Biden vice presidency (2009-2017).

The day before, CBS News reported, citing a law enforcement source, that at least 10 classified documents were found at the Pennsylvania Center and the residence of President Joe Biden. Moreover, during the searches they found 10 materials marked “top secret”. It is noted that information leakage from such files is extremely dangerous.

On January 12, Fox News host Tucker Carlson predicted the end of President Biden’s career and reputation because of the secret documents found on him. The journalist pointed out that the assistants to the head of state still continue to find documents left by him in various places. But instead of destroying the evidence, they send documents to the US Department of Justice.

About 10 classified materials were discovered in Biden’s office, which were stored together with papers that did not contain classified data, it became known on January 9. Later, presidential aides discovered another batch of documents.

Prior to that, on January 10, Biden said he was unaware of the existence of classified documents in his largely unsecured office at the Penn Biden Center think tank during his vice presidency. The American leader was surprised by this find.

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