“Natural fires in the Ryazan region are completely localized”

In the morning, a strong smog over the territory of the headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and in general over the Ryazan region. But, according to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and Forest Protection, these are the results of controlled annealing, which the brigades fire towards the fires. Now this is the main method of dealing with the elements.

The entire Ryazan region has been breathing smoke and burning for two weeks now. Smog has spread to neighboring regions. Avialesookhrana specialists are sure that it will be possible to take a breath of fresh air very soon.

“There is no threat to settlements. The fire is all localized. There are no open edges of burning, with the exception of those edges on which professional annealing is carried out, annealing is carried out using the oncoming fire method. Of course, we see the consequences of these annealing around us. This is smoke. Therefore, I once again turn to to residents, the local population. Be patient now a little more. The weather leaves us no chance for rain. But we don’t hope for it. We rely only on our own strength in this part. Be patient, because the result of the annealing is smoke, “says the Deputy Minister natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation Sergey Anoprienko.

But it didn’t take long to endure. Fire loses in a fight with firefighters. So, on the southern and southeastern edge, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the earth has completely cooled down, there is no smoke. Therefore, it was decided to reduce the grouping of forces involved in forest fires in the Ryazan region. So already tonight the equipment will leave the region in columns. We are talking about watering machines, transport trucks, communication and support vehicles.

Representatives of individual institutions in Moscow have already signed acts on the fulfillment of their tasks in the Ryazan region. These organizations provided the Ministry of Emergency Situations with equipment and labor.

“Initially, the entire fire area was divided into squares. Certain forces were introduced into these squares to guard and extinguish where there was no active burning. Now we see that some of these squares have already been completely extinguished, there is no risk of a fire re-emerging. Therefore, in order for people not to waste time, the equipment is not inactive, we are starting to withdraw from these squares. Most likely, this night the first batches will go back to Moscow – equipment, people, “said the Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov.

On the northern and northwestern edge, the elimination of fires continues. Brigades of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia work both day and night. They act clearly, courageously and as quickly as possible. The execution of the next order is started immediately. A few seconds pass from the collection to the departure of the group.

The only thing that complicates the work of fire teams is gusty wind. Because of it, the fire spreads even faster and spreads to the crowns of trees. Such a fire is called a crown fire and is considered the most difficult to extinguish forests.

“The crown fire goes through the tops of the trees. It is unpredictable and very fast growing. It travels 70-80 kilometers per hour,” says one of the firefighters.

But they also coped with crown fires. Aviation provided significant support. There are currently 16 aircraft operating in the region.

Such a spillway can hold from 3 to 15 tons of water, depending on the carrying capacity of the helicopter. The aircraft collects water in the nearest body of water and goes to the source of ignition. Only in one drop it is possible to cover from 50 to 100 meters. And given that aviation is in the sky all day, the coverage area is calculated in kilometers.

For all the time of forest fires in the Ryazan region, not a single settlement was affected. Although the fire periodically came close to the houses, the firefighters were faster. Today there is no need to evacuate the population, nothing threatens people.

“The work is being carried out in an absolutely planned, calm, regular mode. The situation is under control. The work of the paratroopers is planned, they carry it out, they do controlled annealing. We assist them in ensuring that transitions from the area that is being annealed to the opposite one along the mineralized bands are prevented. The protection of settlements is ensured,” emphasizes, “Oleg Grebenyuk, First Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of Fire Protection of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

To overcome the remaining forest fires in the Ryazan region, the Russian Emergencies Ministry and Avialesookhrana are planning in the coming days.


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