Named the most expensive type of housing in Moscow

The most expensive type of housing in Moscow turned out to be real estate in pre-revolutionary houses – a square meter there on average costs more than 400 thousand rubles. This price is due to the location of the buildings (mainly they are located in the city center), as well as the fact that often the objects are monuments of architecture. About this newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to a study of the service “Yandex. The property”.

Next in the ranking are houses built in the 1920-1930s – about 284 thousand per square meter. Most of these buildings are built according to individual designs and are also located in the historical center. So, in the monument of constructivism and avant-garde – the house of Mosselprom – a square meter will cost an average of 500-600 thousand rubles, which is comparable to the cost of the modern “elite”.

Also, analysts of the service call modern LCDs, where the price of a “square” on average is 251 thousand rubles. Paradoxically, the farther from the center, the more expensive (for a particular area) they turn out to be. For example, a square meter in a modern house near the Moscow Ring Road costs an average of 219 thousand, in Brezhnevka – 197 thousand, in Stalin –160 thousand, in Khrushchev –– 154 thousand rubles.

On average, in the capital, the cost of apartments in Stalin’s houses remains quite high – 233 thousand rubles per “square”. But new homes rise in price faster (plus 16 percent) in two years, while stalinka prices rose by 12 percent over the same period. The cheapest lots can be purchased in Khrushchev and Brezhnevka (202 and 193 thousand rubles per “square”, respectively).

Earlier, realtors named the most beloved areas of home buyers in Moscow – they turned out to be Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Danilovsky, Zapadnoye Degunino, Ramenki and Ryazansky. Such a success among new settlers is associated with a favorable environmental situation, as well as developed infrastructure.

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