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Named the industry with the highest paid jobs in Russia

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Analysts at the Job.ru service analyzed over 150 thousand vacancies for May of this year and found out in which industries the highest salaries are offered. Research results are available to RT.

So, one of the highest salaries is offered in the field of logistics and work in the warehouse – an average of up to 155 thousand rubles.

According to analysts, most often in this area, employers are looking for drivers with private cars and driver-forwarders.

Also, high income can be expected in shipping (an average of up to 154 thousand rubles). However, according to experts, for some vacancies, salaries in this industry can be much higher.

So, for example, according to a sailor’s vacancy in Vladivostok, a salary of up to 240 thousand rubles is offered.

Real estate professionals can also expect high salaries. The average maximum earnings in this industry is 141 thousand rubles, experts noted.

Analysts also highlight vacancies in startups. On average, novice specialists for new projects can count on a salary of 140 thousand rubles.

Earlier, specialists from the Institute for Progressive Education found out which professions should expect higher salaries after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

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