Naftogaz is ready to sue Gazprom for access to gas transit from Asia

Naftogaz wants to get permission from Gazprom to transit gas from Central Asia through the gas transportation system of Ukraine. If the Russian company refuses, then Naftogaz is ready to sue, said the executive director of the Ukrainian company Yuriy Vitrenko.

In an interview with the Financial Times, he said that Naftogaz is now preparing official requests to secure gas supplies from Central Asia and obtain permission to transport it through Gazprom’s pipelines. It may take months for approval, Mr. Vitrenko noted.

“If they (Gazprom.— “B”) say no, then the next step will be a complaint (to the European Commission – “B”) and the arbitration court, “said the head of Naftogaz. Legal proceedings can also take years, he said.

According to Yuriy Vitrenko, “there is a huge potential for transporting gas from Central Asia through Ukraine to Europe”. “This will change the rules of the game … We are talking about tens of billions of cubic meters … Gas from Central Asia alone can fill the entire Ukrainian gas transportation system,” said the head of Naftogaz.

Gazprom declined to comment.

Yuri Vitrenko this year has already promised to file new lawsuits against Gazprom. The Ukrainian company wants, in particular, to get from Gazprom to transfer points of gas transmission to Europe to the border with the Russian Federation.

Let us remind you that Mr. Vitrenko took office in April, replacing Andrey Kobolev, who headed Naftogaz for seven years. Under Mr. Kobolev, Naftogaz and Gazprom signed an agreement in December 2019 to revoke all mutual claims.

About the change of the head of the Ukrainian company – in the publication of “Kommersant” “Andrey Kobolev dismissed from” Naftogaz “”.

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