Musk renames Twitter Blue subscription service to X Premium

Elon Musk to rebrand Twitter to X, but Crypto Twitter has other ideas
Elon Musk to rebrand Twitter to X, but Crypto Twitter has other ideas

As part of a large-scale rebranding of the social network X (formerly Twitter), Elon Musk renamed the Twitter Blue subscription service to X Premium.

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X Premium subscription services come with an ad revenue sharing model based on the number of ads placed in the comments on tweets. Users who are at least 18 years old, have at least 500 subscribers and have collected at least 15 million impressions of their tweets in the last three months will be eligible for such payments.

According to Musk, the platform will withhold all ad revenue generated from non-premium users.

The social network distributed the first payments in mid-July. Since the end of the month, this feature has become available to all Blue subscribers.

Data: X.

At the beginning of August, X support notified that it was overwhelmed by the number of premium subscribers, and therefore it may take some time to verify and distribute payouts.

Data: X.

Recall that the rebranding of Twitter took place on July 24. Musk changed the social network’s name to “X” and ditched the iconic blue bird in its logo in favor of a black color scheme. On the wave of hype, unknown people created a number of thematic coins.

Musk later stated that he had no plans to issue platform-related crypto assets.

According to lawyer Josh Gerben, updating the social network could lead to lawsuits.

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