Musk called his conditions for buying Twitter

The resumption of the transaction to acquire Twitter is possible if the company demonstrates how the authenticity of accounts on the social network is confirmed. This was announced on Saturday, August 6, by the American businessman Elon Musk.

“If Twitter just talks about its method of sampling 100 accounts and shows how they are authenticated, then the deal will be closed on the original terms,” he wrote on Twitter.

On July 30, it became known that Elon Musk filed a counterclaim against Twitter, whose management had previously sued him for refusing to complete a deal to buy the social network. As noted, the 164-page lawsuit was filed on July 29, after the appointment of a five-day trial, during which the court will determine whether the businessman can refuse the previously announced deal.

On April 25, 2022, Twitter and Musk announced that the entrepreneur would buy the social network and make it private. The deal was valued at $44 billion. Soon, the market downturn led to a drop in technology stocks, including Tesla and Twitter.

On May 13, Musk said that the deal to acquire Twitter was on hold until confirmation was provided that no more than 5% of social network accounts were fake. The businessman was going to evaluate the data according to his own methodology.

In June, Twitter agreed to give Musk’s team access to a vast stream of inside information, including more than 500 million tweets posted each day. At the same time, company management considered that Musk was using the data request as an excuse to exit the deal or to reduce the price. On July 8, Musk pulled out of the deal.

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