Muscovites warned about atmospheric pressure that is much higher than normal

Atmospheric pressure in Moscow significantly exceeds the norm. This was announced by an employee of the Phobos weather center Mikhail Leus in his Telegram channel on Saturday, November 26.

“By noon on Saturday, atmospheric pressure rose to 760.6 mmHg. Art., which is 13-15 units higher than the norm, ”wrote Leus.

According to him, the further development of atmospheric processes on the territory of the central regions of European Russia will further contribute to the further growth of barometer readings.

According to the specialist, the highest atmospheric pressure will reach next Tuesday, November 29.

“Barometer readings will rise to 765 mm Hg. Art., which is 17-19 units higher than the norm for the climate,” says Leus.

A decrease in these figures, he said, can be expected by the end of the working week.

Earlier in the day, the weather forecast was for possible black ice on Saturday. It was noted that by the evening the thermometers would drop to -8.

On November 25, Tatyana Pozdnyakova, chief specialist of the Moscow Meteorological Bureau, told Izvestia that the weather in Moscow over the weekend would correspond to the climatic norm. A small amount of snow is forecast for Sunday, she said.

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