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Muscovite accused neighbor of creating a microwave gun to irradiate his family

A resident of Moscow quarreled with a neighbor downstairs because of the noise in the apartment. A few months later, the man noticed that the floor in the apartment began to heat up in places and during the experiments he found out the presence of sources of microwave radiation. This was reported on July 30 by Gazeta.Ru.

According to Roman Matsukov, he called an expert, and based on the results of the examination, he suggested that the neighbor created a magnetron to “irradiate” the neighbors.

“We did not understand what was happening, but found that these emissions occur literally for 2-3 minutes and with an interval of 5 minutes. It seemed strange to us, ”the man said.

The journalists talked to Matsukov’s neighbor, but he refused to confirm or deny the information.

“There are no complaints against me now, so I’m not going to defend anything now,” he said.

Andrey Guskov, deputy head of the sanitary supervision department of Rospotrebnadzor, noted that the department receives many complaints about the “irradiation” of Moscow residents. According to him, it is necessary to measure the level of radiation with the help of special expensive equipment.

In the spring of 2020, in the Ryazan region, a conflict between neighbors ended in the killing of five people. The tragedy occurred due to the violation of silence in an apartment building in the village of Elatma.

The local resident did not like loud conversations under the windows, and he resolved the conflict with a hunting rifle.

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