Multi-apartment buildings are being built even more slowly // Construction Monitoring

The commissioning of multi-apartment housing in July continued to decline, as follows from the data of Rosstat, in annual terms, 2.8 million square meters were put into operation last month. m, which is 14% less than a year earlier, when the volume of commissioning amounted to 3.2 million sq. m. m. Also, the figures for July lag behind the June result – 3.4 million square meters. However, in general, due to the high results of previous months, the total volume of apartment buildings (MKD) commissioned in January-July is approximately 15% higher than in the same period in 2021 – 22.5 million square meters. m against 19.5 million sq. The volume of housing commissioning does not deviate from the average monthly level, but for the second month in a row they are inferior to the indicators of 2021. This may be due to the fact that the industry’s sustainability margin, which was formed before the expansion of sanctions, is starting to deplete, as well as to current difficulties, in particular, a reduction in demand for real estate, logistical problems with the supply of materials, all this causes shifts in project deadlines (see “Kommersant” dated 17 July). However, as follows from the monitoring of business activity … .

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