Mosgortrans will outweigh advertising // State Unitary Enterprise is looking for an advertising operator at bus stops for the next ten years

Mosgortrans changes its advertising operator again: it announced a ten-year tender for the rental of advertising structures at Moscow stops with the right to extend it for the same period. According to experts, only Russ Outdoor Group of Companies is suitable for the stated criteria: the company must have contracts of a comparable nature and volume over the past three years. TCS Media, part of the Russ Outdoor group, has already placed similar ads from June 2018 to October 2020. At the same time, Gallery is also considering the possibility of participation.

“Kommersant” got acquainted with the terms of the tender of the State Unitary Enterprise “Mosgortrans” for the lease of its bus stop pavilions in Moscow for advertising. The procurement documentation was posted on June 8 on one of the electronic platforms. The contract will include the lease of advertising structures for 9,800 Moscow stops, as well as the lease of 3,400 individual advertising media, including light boxes and electronic displays.

According to the draft agreement, the SUE plans to conclude an agreement with a new operator for ten years. The conditions stipulate that “in the absence of objections” to the company “Mosgortrans” can once extend the contract for another ten years on the same conditions. The initial value of the annual payment for the new operator, according to the documents, is 324 million rubles. Mosgortrans will accept applications from June 9 to July 12.

The main criterion for choosing an operator will be the qualifications of the bidders – the weight of this criterion in the assessment will be 70%, including the “value of executed contracts of a comparable nature and volume over the past three years”. Another 30% of the assessment will be the price offered by the bidder.

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In recent years, Mosgortrans’s advertising operator has been constantly changing. The last time he won a contract for advertising at bus stops was in 2013. Then the Gallery group received a five-year agreement for 7.7 thousand bus stops: it paid just over 1.22 billion rubles. with a declared starting price of 1.21 billion rubles. In 2017, Mosgortrans and Gallery extended this agreement until 2024, but in June 2018 Gallery announced that the project was unprofitable and withdrew from it ahead of schedule, having transferred the rights of the operator of advertising at stops to Transcommun-Service LLC (TCS Media).

TCS Media, which became part of Russ Outdoor Group of Companies in August 2020, was the advertising operator of Mosgortrans until October 2020. Then the GUP had already become the initiator of the gap, according to RBC, due to the company’s debts. After that, Mosgortrans began to place advertisements at bus stops through the Nebo.Digital service (Profcentr Specialist LLC). He also advertises in the Moscow metro. In April, a representative of Nebo Digital told Kommersant that Mosgortrans had stopped cooperation on May 1.

Nebo Digital told Kommersant that they do not plan to participate in the tender. A Gallery representative said that the company is considering the possibility of participation, but is not yet ready to speak about the final decision: “We are at the stage of studying the terms of the tender.” Russ Outdoor Group of Companies declined to comment.

As a result of the exit from the capital of Russ Outdoor JCDecaux, 73.57% in the GC is now owned by Stinn LLC, which, according to, belongs to Grigory Sadoyan. The actual owners of the LLC, as previously stated by RBC, are Levan and Robert Mirzoyan, as well as Bekkhan Barakhoev. Another 26.43% of Russ Outdoor is owned by VTB Capital.

The head of the outdoor advertising booking service Andrey Baiduzhiy believes that it is Russ Outdoor that meets the stated conditions: “The price criterion has a tiny weight, non-price criteria are decisive for winning, including the presence and number of similar contracts over the past three years: Only Russ Outdoor, which has gained control over TCS Media, fully responds to them. ” The expert notes that the announced minimum price for the new contract is much lower than in the 2013 tender. Then the lower limit of the rental cost for five years was 1.2 billion rubles, he explains, and now for ten – 324 million rubles, and “it’s a penny.”

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