Moscow will have restaurants only for those vaccinated against coronavirus

10-15 Moscow restaurants during the week will be declared “blind”, they can be visited only by the QR code on vaccination from public services, announced Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. After 100% of the employees of other restaurants are vaccinated, the experience of the first “kinematic” restaurants will be extended to them.

According to Mr. Sobyanin, in order to vaccinate all catering workers in the city, it will take up to one and a half months. “In a week we will set up an information control system, work out the technology, understand how it works. And then it will be possible to replicate this experience ”, – stated in the blog of the mayor of the capital.

The restaurants participating in the experiment will be able to work including at night, according to the decree of the mayor of Moscow. Such establishments should not have two or more violations of the rules related to the fight against coronavirus within 90 days. Children will be able to visit “bezelny” catering points accompanied by adults.

Mandatory vaccination of at least 60% of catering employees was announced in Moscow and the Moscow region on June 16. An experiment to isolate “barless restaurants” was announced on June 18, along with other measures to combat the coronavirus. By the decree of the Mayor of Moscow, coronavirus restrictions are extended until June 29, fan zones for fans and dance floors are closed, and the number of participants in entertainment events is limited to 1,000 people. The non-working days after June 21 will not be extended.

About the compulsory vaccination plan – in the material of “Kommersant” “Unvaccinated, please do not worry.”

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