Moscow topped the ranking of BRICS cities in terms of spatial development

Moscow topped the ranking of BRICS cities in terms of technological and spatial development, reported the Center for Social Research and Technological Innovation at the National Research University Higher School of Economics.

The study was conducted by a consortium of organizations from China, India, and Russia. The index aims to demonstrate to what extent the spatial development of a city helps its residents save time.

The second, third and fifth places in the ranking were taken by the cities of the People’s Republic of China (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou), and the fourth place was taken by the Brazilian Sao Paulo.

The compilers of the rating especially noted the efforts of the authorities of the Russian capital in modernizing the public transport infrastructure, increasing the accessibility and variety of functions for Moscow residents, and the growth of the city’s scientific and cultural potential, the HSE noted.

“To assess the scale of changes, it is enough to recall such projects as the MCC (Moscow Central Circle. – Ed.) and MCD (Moscow Central Diameters. – Ed.), the construction of the BKL (large ring metro line. – Ed. .), replacement of buses with electric buses, development of river transport. The development of innovative infrastructure plays a big “weight” in the calculation of the index – in particular, digital social services, delivery and mobility services,” said the dean of the Faculty of Urban and Regional Development of the National Research University

HSE Evgeny Mikhailenko.

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