Moscow authorities explained the principle of operation of “kineless restaurants”

Moscow’s “limp restaurants” (with COVID-free zones) will operate both day and night without taking into account special seating arrangements, Alexei Nemeryuk, head of the department of trade and services, told RIA Novosti.

“Antique zones work during the day and in the evening, they also extend to bars and nightclubs. If a restaurant complies with all the requirements, then restrictions on night work do not apply to it, as well as sanitary seating, wearing masks among visitors, ”said Mr. Nemeryuk. Visitors will be able to enter such restaurants only if they have a vaccination QR code. PCR test and ELISA test do not give the right to get into the anticoid zone, said a department spokesman.

According to him, the city authorities will constantly check such establishments for compliance with the requirements. In particular, experts will check how correctly the format of access for people without COVID-19 is observed by restaurateurs. “These checks for compliance will be carried out continuously so far. Since there will be few restaurants, it will not be difficult for us to build a system, ”he added.

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The coronavirus situation in Moscow began to worsen last week. According to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, “in a matter of days” the number of Moscow residents who are diagnosed with COVID-19 during the day increased from 3 thousand to 7 thousand. Against the background of these events, the chief sanitary doctor of Moscow Elena Andreeva signed a decree according to which workers in the trade and services sector must undergo compulsory vaccination against coronavirus. The same decree was issued by the chief sanitary doctor of the Moscow region Olga Mikailova. Compulsory vaccinations must be given to employees of trade, beauty salons, fitness clubs, catering, banks, post offices, MFC, public transport, taxis, education, healthcare and other industries.

On June 18, Sergei Sobyanin announced the creation of “kiteless restaurants” in Moscow. The mayor also signed a decree extending coronavirus restrictions until June 29. In particular, fan zones for fans and dance floors will be closed, and the number of participants in entertainment events will be limited to 1,000 people. The non-working days after June 21 will not be extended.

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