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Mortgage rate hikes not over, records this week


Anyone who thought that the mortgage interest rate hikes had finally come to an end will be disappointed. As many as 25 lenders will raise their rates at the same time on Friday. Interest rates have not risen that much in one week since 2008.

This is reported by De Hypotheekshop. Mortgage interest rates follow the interest rate on the capital market, which has risen by no less than 0.80 percentage point in recent weeks.

If mortgage interest rates did not rise, lenders would make a loss. That is what all lenders have done this week, or they will do it on Friday. The rates will rise on no fewer than 25 of the forty providers of mortgages on this day. According to De Hypotheekshop, this has not happened since 2016.

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On average, this week there was an increase of 0.30 percentage point, but sometimes 0.60 or 0.70 percentage point. Several lenders have even increased their rates twice this week.

More than 4%

Anyone who now takes out a mortgage without a National Mortgage Guarantee and wants to fix the interest for twenty or thirty years, often pays more than 4% for it. Many home buyers therefore choose to fix their interest rates for a shorter period, such as ten years.

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The enthusiasm among first-time buyers to take out an interest-only mortgage is also declining. They are then no longer entitled to mortgage interest deduction, which is not such a problem with the low interest rates. But now that picture looks different.

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An overview of Geld.nl shows that other types of loans are also becoming more expensive. For example, more than 5% interest must be paid on a personal loan of €10,000.


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