More than half of the apartments in new buildings in Moscow turned out to be small-format

More than 50% of apartments in the planned new buildings in Moscow in 2022 are small-format units. This was reported to Izvestia by the architects of the design company WE-ON.

Most often, these are studios ranging from 22 to 24 square meters. m, or two-room euro-format apartments – “evrodvushki” ranging from 37 to 39 sq. m.

At the same time, experts observe a trend towards an increase in the number of studios. So, in 2020, their percentage was about 20% of the total, now it is about 23%. There are also more Euro-cars: 20% against 18% in 2020.

According to the company, the second place in terms of footage is occupied by apartments ranging from 46 to 64 square meters. m (28% of the projected supply), represented by two types: classic two-room apartments and “Euro-treshkas”. Meanwhile, the number of “Eurotreshka” – that is, an intermediate option between a classic three-room and two-room apartment – has decreased (13% against 16% in 2020). The number of classic two-room units has not changed.

Three-room lots from 65 to 89 sq. m make up only 12%, and the remaining share is represented by four-five-room apartments ranging from 85 to 165 sq. m. The shares of these types of apartments as a percentage of the total projected supply remained approximately the same.

“The trend to reduce the area of ​​apartments began to develop a very long time ago. This is facilitated by both economic factors and consumer needs. A lot of small-format apartments are purchased for investment purposes in order to rent or sell more profitably in the future, especially if the house is located near the metro,” explained Marina Samsenko, Chief Architect of WE-ON Group.

Earlier, on August 4, experts from the federal company “Etazhi” shared the results of research on the demand for new buildings among Russians.

It is noted that 29% of buyers purchase apartments in new buildings in order to improve their living conditions after the sale of their real estate, another 27% of respondents perceive such housing as a starting point for moving from a rented apartment.

At the same time, 13% of Russians plan to transfer real estate to children, 12% make a purchase for the purpose of investment, 9% – in order to use maternity capital and other forms of state benefits, 6% – to move from one city district to another.

Prior to this, on July 28, it was reported that about 47% of apartments in the New Moscow market were sold at the initial stage of construction. In houses at the stage of construction of floors, developers sell 21% of the total share of apartments, and in buildings with finishing works – 18%. The smallest share of supply is for apartments in houses that have been commissioned – 14%.

On July 20, Anton Detushev, CEO of IKON Development, told Izvestiya that in the second half of 2022, prices on the primary real estate market in Russia will continue to rise. This is due to the fact that since February, almost all developers have increased the cost of the sold square meter, fearing an increase in the cost of construction and finishing. In the first half of the year, the average increase in the price per “square” in Moscow amounted to about 20%.

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