More than 650 BTC “disappeared” from Moscow investigator’s bitcoin bribe case


The size of the bribe requested by the head of the investigative department of the committee for the Tverskoy district of Moscow, Marat Tambiev, from the hackers of the Infraud Organization was 2718.6 BTC. Lawyer Vadim Bagaturia writes about this with reference to the testimony of one of the members of the group, Mark Bergman.

The latter, during the interrogation, said that Tambiev offered the lawyer of the Infraud Organization, Roman Meyer, to equally divide all the bitcoins available to the hackers in exchange for a promise not to seize the remaining assets. The members of the group agreed to this deal.

“We checked all the storage media confiscated from us and found that we own 5212.9 BTC. We also had the Dash cryptocurrency, which Tambiev did not share, since it is less liquid, he left it to us in full, but [вычел] part of the bitcoins in his favor, as a result of which it turned out that Tambiev received a cryptocurrency in the amount of 2718.6 BTC as a bribe, ”says Bergman’s interrogation protocol.

He also added that the indicated amount of bitcoins was transferred to Tambiev’s wallets on the night of January 21-22, 2022. Moreover, this happened “not within the framework of investigative actions, no protocols were drawn up on this matter.”

However, only 1,032.1 BTC are listed in the charge against the investigator.

Another 1,032 BTC of the total amount, according to the sources of the VChK-OGPU Telegram channel, went to some kind of “cold wallet”, access to which can be accessed by employees of the “K” Department who took part in the searches.

Thus, if Bergman’s testimony and the media’s assumptions are correct, 654 BTC “disappeared” from the case. The fate of these funds is currently unknown.

Lawyer Vadim Bagaturia called this circumstance “the most suspicious evidence that the Prosecutor General’s Office refers to when suing Marat Tambiev’s bitcoins.”

Earlier, Bagaturia pointed out multiple inconsistencies in the handwriting examination of the notes found on the defendant’s computer.

Recall that Marat Tambiev is accused of taking a bribe from members of the hacker group Infraud Organization for not seizing their assets.

According to media reports, at the time of the arrest, the hackers provided access to ten crypto wallets, which in December 2021 received proceeds from their activities in the amount of 2064 BTC. Subsequently, all assets were withdrawn from wallets.

At the moment, the arrested cryptocurrency of Tambiev in the amount of 1032.1 BTC is on the wallet belonging to the investigators.

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