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Modern conditions require decisive action from Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg on Sunday.

The Russian leader said that at present, adequate, prompt and decisive actions are required from the state. The broadcast is conducted by the Rossiya 24 TV channel and the Let’s watch media platform.

“I am convinced that the current generation of sailors and officers is a reliable, indestructible support of the Fatherland,” Putin said.

The President is confident that the defense of the Motherland is “a high duty and the meaning of life for each of us.”

With the development of the fleet, the country’s leadership pays special attention to the well-being of the families of sailors and employees of all industries associated with the Navy.

Putin thanked the sailors for their service and noted that he believes in them.

“Glory to the Russian Navy. Hurrah!” the president concluded.


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