Mishustin announced problems with the development program of the North Caucasus

The program of socio-economic development of the North Caucasus has not brought tangible results, said Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. According to him, with the implementation of the program “there are still quite a lot of problems” that need to be addressed, including at the federal level. In particular, he drew attention to the lack of schools and the poor condition of hospitals.

Mr. Mishustin raised this topic at a meeting with members of the legal commission on the socio-economic development of the North Caucasus Federal District. Over the past couple of months, members of the commission, together with the prime minister, have visited three of the seven subjects of the North Caucasus Federal District. Mr. Mishustin urged to “talk frankly” about the state of affairs in the region. “We must honestly admit that the state of affairs in the Caucasus is not easy. The program of socio-economic development of this macro-region, implemented in recent years, has not brought tangible results, ”the prime minister said, quoted by the government’s press service.

As Mikhail Mishustin said, despite the high birth rate, in the North Caucasus, the infant mortality rate is almost a third (29%) higher than in the country as a whole. “The hospitals and clinics, which we also examined when visiting the regions, are not in the best condition. There are not enough schools, children sometimes study in three shifts, ”the prime minister said.

He also drew attention to the problem of unemployment, the level of which in the Caucasus is more than 2.5 times higher than the average in Russia. The main economic indicators of the development of the constituent entities of the North Caucasus are lagging behind the all-Russian ones, the Prime Minister noted. Among the infrastructure problems, he named the condition of roads and utilities.

“And the most important thing, which, of course, is not new – all regions of the Caucasus are heavily dependent on federal subsidies. We need to help create conditions so that the territories can earn money independently and together with the people who live in these territories. Use budget funds to attract private capital, ”said Mr. Mishustin.

In April, the government extended the state program for the development of the North Caucasus for another five years – until 2030 inclusive. In the next three years, it is planned to allocate additional funds to support investment activity and tourism in the macroregion. In total, funding from the federal budget in 2021–2030 will amount to 196 billion rubles.

Details – in the material of “Kommersant” “The North Caucasus does not lose hope for investment.”

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