Milonov: Russia should respond to France in a mirror image to the confiscation of aid to the residents of Donbass

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

French customs officers confiscated money collected for the children of Donbass from volunteers. This was stated by political scientist, President of the humanitarian association Urgence Enfants du Donbass Emmanuel Leroy.

Three volunteers were arrested at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on 1 May. They were charged with supporting terrorism and criminal circles. Money that volunteers brought to help Donbass has been confiscated.

MP Vitaly Milonov condemned the illegal actions of the French customs officers. In his opinion, Moscow should give a worthy answer to Paris on the expanses of the Black Continent. He stated this in an interview with the international editorial board of the FAN.

“The fact that they began to behave like thieves, thieves and gopniks is not surprising – they treat state property in the same way.

It is necessary in the same way to detain a few of these “frogs” somewhere in Africa, because they have nothing to do there. They are definitely not needed there with their money, aimed not at helping people, but at bribing bandits and terrorists, ”the source of the FAN emphasized.

Milonov is sure that mirror actions against the French in Africa will be a completely normal step. According to him, the Elysee Palace “simply has nothing to do”, in the end they themselves will suffer.

“The French, with their stupidity and immense desire to fawn on the Americans, completely make it impossible for themselves to continue to stay on the African continent,” he concluded.

In conclusion, Vitaly Milonov emphasized that African countries are already making their choice. And the French presence on this part of the planet will be in the past.

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