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Mikhail Dubin spoke about the advantages and principles of operation of the “Honest Sign” system


Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CRPT Mikhail Dubin at the session “Digital Footprint: Application for the Future” within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, he spoke about the advantages and principles of operation of the “Honest Sign” system.

The Honest Sign Project is a national system for digitally marking and tracking goods. It allows you to get all the necessary information about the product online. At the same time, the system is useful both for consumers and for various government agencies.

“All analytics is available online in the context of all product groups, within all regions. There is automatic integration with 16 departments of Russia. Offices can get super benefits from data when the information that departments have in the labeling system intersects,” the speaker noted.

Thus, thanks to the data of the Chestny Znak system, it became known that sales and consumption of medicines for COVID-19 in the Russian Federation have significantly decreased over the past six months. If in February, according to Dubin, there was a slight increase in indicators, now, as a result of May, a decrease is visible.

In addition, the system captures not only standard data on the manufacturer and sales, but also shows the distribution of goods throughout the chain of distributors. Moreover, the program greatly simplifies the search for drugs for consumers.

“In fact, this is a virtual warehouse in the context of all places of activity throughout the country. You can calculate the stock of drugs. This is relevant in terms of procurement. You can see the balances for each pharmacy. There is also a useful functionality for consumers – the search for drugs. You can see the closest pharmacies from the consumer, the availability of a particular drug and its cost. The functionality is constantly expanding, we are constantly holding focus groups,” concluded Dubin.

Almost 90 thousand participants are registered in the drug labeling system, including 438 manufacturers. Labeling of medicines began in Russia on July 1, 2020. According to Roszdravnadzor, currently 100% of drugs that are introduced into civilian circulation are labeled. In addition to medicines, dairy products, packaged water, tobacco, shoes, light industry goods, fur coats, perfumes, tires and cameras are subject to labeling.



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