migration to CommEX and bourgeois Ethereum

News podcast from ForkLog “Bring Back Tone Weiss”
News podcast from ForkLog “Bring Back Tone Weiss”

“Bring Back Tone Weiss” is a news podcast with the editors and friends of ForkLog about the main industry events of the week.

Topics of the issue: details of the transition of Russian Binance users to CommEX, “bourgeois Ethereum”, the beginning of hearings in the Sam Bankman-Fried case, new analyst forecasts, as well as mining initiatives in El Salvador.

Participants: Alex K., Vasily Smirnov.

Special guest: Odysseus, community manager of the Grimace project.

Details about the transition of users from Binance to CommEX

ForkLog spoke with the regional director of the CommEX crypto exchange, which purchased the Russian assets of Binance. According to a platform representative, the migration process to the new site will take about a year. The company’s goal is to enter at least the top 3 crypto exchanges in terms of trading volume in Russia.

Amid news about the sale of the Russian division of Binance, the number of peer-to-peer transactions on the site has decreased by 10–30%, and users are moving to other services.

Bourgeois Ethereum, proletarian Solana

Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko called the second-largest cryptocurrency by capitalization “bourgeois.” In response to criticism of his project, the developer stated that “the modern face of the oppression of the working masses is constantly changing as the ‘petty bourgeoisie revel in the digital carnival.’”

Sam Bankman-Fried hearings

On October 3, hearings began in the case of the former owner of the collapsed FTX exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). The parties selected jurors and made opening statements. SBF’s lawyers said he acted in good faith and also denied that there were secret transactions between Alameda and FTX.

Bitcoin exchange rate forecasts

QCP Capital analysts warned that the chances of a retest of $25,000 should not be ruled out, despite the positive seasonality.

How to become an on-chain analyst

This week a detailed analysis of the on-chain analyst profession was released. In the text we talk about the basic tools of an analyst, the demand for the profession, where to look for work and what salary you can expect.

Public-private pool

As part of a public-private partnership, the first Lava Pool mining pool will be launched in El Salvador. The structure pledged to contribute 23% of net income to the government. The funds will be invested in energy infrastructure to support economic growth.

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