Microsoft denies plans to cut staff in Russia

Microsoft called false information that the staff of its Russian office will be reduced in the near future. RBC’s source claimed that the company could lay off 15% of its employees in Russia.

An official representative of the corporation in the Russian Federation told RIA Novosti that about 500 people currently work in the Microsoft office in the country, and the company “retains its presence in Russian offices.” “Information (about planned layoffs .— “B”) does not correspond to reality, we do not confirm reductions, ”a company representative said.

As a source in the market told RBC, Microsoft “has been planning reductions for a long time.” According to him, since 2014, the staff of the Russian employees of the company has been reduced from about 1,000 to 300 people. One of the interlocutors of RBC explained this by the fact that in recent years Microsoft’s business in Russia has “seriously transformed”, which has led to a reduction in the number of employees.

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