Michael Saylor predicted a multiple growth of bitcoin

Who is Michael Saylor?  All about the founder of MicroStrategy
Who is Michael Saylor?  All about the founder of MicroStrategy

Statements and actions SEC laying the groundwork for the next bullish phase of bitcoin. This was stated in an interview with Bloomberg by the founder and ex-CEO of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor.

“Regulatory clarity will facilitate Bitcoin adoption by removing the confusion and anxiety that has held back institutional investors. The dominance of digital gold will continue to grow as the crypto industry rationalizes bitcoin and becomes mainstream,” the entrepreneur believes.

He noted that most of the SEC claims relate to tokens that have signs of securities. In June, the regulator filed lawsuits against exchanges Binance and Coinbase, including unregistered offerings by platforms of such assets among the charges.

At the same time, the Commission classifies the first cryptocurrency as an exchange commodity, considering it to be fairly decentralized. Therefore, according to Saylor, regulation measures regarding stablecoins and other tokens will return bitcoin to market dominance with a share above 80%.

“The public is beginning to realize the near future of bitcoin. The next logical step for the cryptocurrency is to grow tenfold, and then again by the same amount, ”he said.

In 2022, Saylor stepped down as CEO of MicroStrategy and took over as Executive Chairman. In August 2020, the firm under his leadership was the first of the public companies to convert part of the capital (~$250 million) into bitcoin. Sailor has repeatedly confirmed the invariability of the course for investing in digital gold.

After buying 1,045 BTC in April 2023, MicroStrategy brought its holdings in cryptocurrency to 140,000 BTC (~$3.63 billion at the time of writing). According to Bitcoin Treasuries, the company is the largest holder of bitcoin among the structures traded on the stock market.

Recall that in February, Saylor expressed the opinion that strict regulation of the crypto industry is a necessary element of its growth.

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