MetaMask has launched testing of the Snaps cross-chain project


The developers of the non-custodial wallet MetaMask announced the start of open beta testing of the Snaps protocol, aimed at expanding the application beyond EVM-networks.

Snaps are software modules that can be integrated into a wallet for various enhancements or additional functionality.

Thanks to the update, it became possible to set up cross-chain bridges between blockchains, including Bitcoin, Solana, Avalanche and StarkNet.

During the first testing phase, MetaMask launched 34 Snaps applications. Among them are the already mentioned internetworking protocols, as well as smaller extensions, such as internal chat or additional layers of security.

All Snaps are created by third party teams. The main idea of ​​the initiative is to allow developers to seamlessly upload their utilities to MetaMask.

“We’re building an open platform for innovation and don’t charge to publish Snaps. We also believe that unfettered innovation is the cornerstone of a decentralized system—no middlemen,” said Christian Montoya, the company’s chief product officer.

Currently, more than 150 projects are involved in the development of various add-ons for Snaps, MetaMask emphasized.

Previously, the crypto wallet team integrated the ability to “cash out” digital assets with withdrawal to a bank card or PayPal account.

According to a report from CoinGecko, MetaMask became the most popular non-custodial wallet in 2023 with over 22.66 million installations.

Let us remind you that in July the developers updated the interface of the browser extension in the release v10.33.

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