Meta presented a universal set of AI tools

Meta (1)-min
Meta (1)-min

Meta Corporation has finally revealed details of its new artificial intelligence tools. The presentation showed a voice assistant, neural networks with different personalities, smart glasses and stickers.

“We are introducing a platform for creating AI that will help you complete a task or just have fun. People will be able to interact with these tools across the entire Meta universe of products,” said company CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Useful tools

In the near future, two functions will appear on Instagram – photo restyling and background replacement. They use Emu technology to create images and work based on the Segment Anything model.

The first utility allows you to apply filters to a photo using only a text description. For example, you can make a treatment in the style of watercolor or give a more specific task like “collage of magazines and newspapers, torn edges.”

Meta presented a universal set of AI tools
Restyling of photographs. Data: Meta.

The background replacement tool works on the same principle. AI automatically selects the main object and substitutes the background upon written request.

Meta presented a universal set of AI tools
Replacing the background. Data: Meta.

“We know how important transparency is when it comes to AI-generated content, so images created with restyled backgrounds will be labeled as such,” Meta said.

The company is very proud of its generative AI for creating stickers, it was even included at the beginning of the presentation. The neural network is built on the technologies of Llama 2 and the already mentioned Emu.

Meta presented a universal set of AI tools
AI stickers. Data: Meta.

The feature will be available to English-speaking users on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and Facebook Stories over the next month.

Personal assistant

Meta AI is a bot assistant with which you can “interact like a human” in all of the corporation’s main products.

The neural network is built on Llama 2 and has access to information in real time thanks to a partnership with the Bing search engine. In addition, the AI ​​has a built-in image generation tool.

The assistant can answer questions, get directions, conduct a conversation with the user, and much more.

Meta presented a universal set of AI tools
Example of using Meta AI. Data: Meta.

Meta AI will also integrate an AI assistant into the Quest 3 virtual reality helmet and smart glasses from Ray-Ban, which can make calls, broadcast live and take photos.

In addition to the virtual assistant, Meta has created 28 separate chatbots with different personalities. Each of them has a profile on Facebook and Instagram.

“You can think of these AIs as a new cast of characters with unique backstories,” the company explained.

The corporation invited popular actors and celebrities to record their voices:

  • Charli D’Amelio as dance enthusiast Coco;
  • Chris Paul as professional golfer Perry;
  • Dwyane Wade as motivational triathlete Victor;
  • Israel Adesanya as up-and-coming MMA fighter Louis;
  • Naomi Osaka as anime girl Tamika;
  • Paris Hilton as detective’s partner Amber;
  • Snoop Dogg as Dungeon Master;
  • Tom Brady as witty sports enthusiast Bru.

Meta will soon add more characters played by Bear Grylls, Chloe Kim and Josh Richards.

What’s next?

Finally, Zuckerberg presented the AI ​​Studio platform for creating tools based on artificial intelligence. The project is designed to unite all interested people, even if they are not programmers.

In the coming weeks, Meta will open access to the service to the first select developers to release AI utilities based on the enterprise API.

“Companies will be able to create AI that reflects their brand values ​​and improves the customer experience. From small businesses seeking to scale to large firms wanting to improve communications,” Meta representatives noted.

Next year, the corporation will launch a sandbox for promising developers who will be able to present the developments of their future projects.

Let us recall that in September, the tech giant Microsoft announced the Copilot system, which combines Windows OS interfaces with artificial intelligence language models.

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