Merkel made a statement on sanctions on “Sevpotok – 2”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, answering questions from parliamentarians, said that Germany considers it necessary to complete the Nord Stream 2 project and sees it as an economic one.
Recently, Republicans have submitted a bill to the US Senate to expand sanctions on Nord Stream 2. It is about blocking the completion of the gas pipeline.
The funeral ringing of Nord Stream 2

The pipeline is 93% complete. In December 2019, due to U.S. sanctions, the Swiss company Allseas stopped construction work.

“We think that completing the project is right, and in this spirit we are working,” quotes Angela Merkel TASS.

The Chancellor of Germany specifically specified that the extraterritorial sanctions threatened by the United States “do not correspond to the understanding of law” existing in Germany. She said that “we are dealing with an economic project” with “political aspects” and emphasized that after putting Nord Stream-2 into operation, Ukraine should retain the role of gas transit.

. (Source: rambler)

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