Memorial was fined 3 million rubles for violating the law on foreign agents

Since its inclusion in the list of foreign agents, Memorial has been fined almost 3 million rubles for the lack of marking of the foreign agent. This was announced on Thursday, November 25, by the Izvestia correspondent from the courtroom.

“From the moment Memorial was included in the list of persons performing the functions of a foreign agent, this organization was repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility, and a fine of 2.9 million rubles was imposed on it,” reads the materials announced at the meeting.

The representative of the Ministry of Justice, in turn, stated that Memorial was financed from foreign sources, but at the same time did not apply to the department for inclusion in the corresponding register. The organization was included in the list only by a court decision. Also, Memorial materials were disseminated on Internet resources without the appropriate labeling.

The representative of the department noted that it is necessary to focus not on what was in these materials, but on “who made them” and on the absence of marking.

On November 11, the General Prosecutor’s Office filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to liquidate the Memorial organization. The department explained the initiative by the fact that in carrying out its activities, the said organization hid the fact that it was performing the function of a foreign agent, which is why it has been repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility since 2019.

Memorial was included in the list of non-profit organizations performing the functions of a foreign agent in 2016.

Cash tranches from abroad are the only source of funding for the organization for Memorial. According to Izvestia sources, in 2019 the organization received 131.2 million rubles from abroad, in 2020 – 147.8 million rubles, and in six months of 2021 – 189 million rubles.

According to experts, Memorial’s activities are aimed at falsifying history. Thus, the idea of ​​the expediency of “surrendering Leningrad” during the Great Patriotic War is being promoted, as well as the identification of the USSR and Nazi Germany and the formation of the image of the Soviet Union as one of the instigators of the Second World War.

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