Medvedev advocated a gradual ban on packaging made of difficult-to-recycle materials

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, head of the United Russia party, considers it necessary to gradually switch to the rejection of packaging made of difficult-to-recycle materials. Earlier, during the strategic session “Ecology” in the Leningrad region, the party proposed to phase out such packages.

“There are a number of challenges we face, such as non-recyclable packaging. We sort it out and send it to landfills, where it rots for centuries, poisoning water, soil and air. Our proposal is a phased ban on packaging made of difficult-to-recycle materials, ”said Veronika Varlamova, head of the volunteer waste recycling project.

The initiative should be included in the election program of United Russia, said Mr Medvedev. “We need to do this. The whole world is moving in this direction. We should not jump over the stage at which we are, but gradually it is the right thing to do, ”he said.

“I remember the period of my childhood and adolescence, when the owner of a foreign plastic bag was a very serious passenger, looked good, and now you and I understand that this is all the past. Then, it is not clear what to do with these beautiful packages, although once they were bought for as much as five rubles, ”Dmitry Medvedev said (quoted by TASS). He called the theme of the ban on packaging made of non-recyclable materials psychological.

In March, Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko said that one should not be afraid to prohibit the use of materials that cannot be recycled. The government is working to ban non-recyclable plastics, including disposable tableware, she said.

According to the head of the Russian environmental operator Denis Butsaev, so that the ban does not come as a shock to the industry, it is necessary to use economic incentives for the transition from difficult-to-process types of packaging to more environmentally friendly.

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