Media revealed details of planned US sanctions against Nord Stream 2

US senators have prepared a plan to expand sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 project, Bloomberg reports with reference to the draft document.

According to the agency, the previously imposed sanctions are planned to be applied to all activities related to pipe laying and insurance. Now restrictions will also apply to insurance companies that provide services to tankers operating on the pipeline.

Russia found it impossible to stop Nord Stream 2
The text of the bill will indicate that anyone who participates in the project in any capacity “will immediately face serious US sanctions,” said Senator Ted Cruz.

Sanctions against Nord Stream 2

At the end of last year, the United States adopted a defense budget. It included restrictions against companies participating in the implementation of Nord Stream 2. Swiss Allseas, engaged in the laying of the gas pipeline, almost immediately announced a suspension of work.

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak in December 2019 announced that the use of the Akademik Chersky pipe layer is one of the options for completing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, but some time will be required for additional preparation of the vessel.

Russian crane-assembly pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky

Gas pipeline “Nord Stream – 2”

Nord Stream 2 involves the construction of two pipelines of a gas pipeline from the Russian coast to Germany at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

A number of states, in particular Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and the USA, opposed the implementation of the project. Kiev does not want to lose revenue from the transit of Russian gas, and Washington seeks to push its LNG into the European market. The Baltic countries and Poland, in turn, consider the pipeline “politically motivated.”

At the same time, Moscow, as well as Berlin and Vienna have repeatedly pointed out that Nord Stream 2 is an exclusively commercial project and is aimed at improving the energy security of European states. Norway also supported the construction.

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