Media: Putin and Lukashenko agreed on the second tranche of the loan and new flights of Belavia

The presidents of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko have agreed on the second tranche of the state loan, according to the Telegram channel “Pool of the First”, close to the press service of the Belarusian president. According to him, a decision was also made to open new Belavia flights to Russian cities.

Mr. Lukashenko arrived in Sochi for a meeting with the head of the Russian state yesterday, May 28. The first part of the talks between the leaders of the two countries took place on Friday, and today the presidents met informally.

During the open part of the talks on May 28, Mr. Putin announced plans to discuss integration within the Union State. Alexander Lukashenko said that he had brought documents explaining the situation with the Ryanair plane landing in Minsk. Also, the leaders of the two countries intended to discuss the launch of the first power unit of the BelNPP.

Read more about yesterday’s meeting in Sochi in the publication of Kommersant, “Strong handshake.”

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