Matter Labs Unveils Optimism’s Superchain Competitor


The Matter Labs team has unveiled the ZK Stack, a modular set of tools for building Hyperchains networks on top of and alongside the zkSync Era layer 2 Ethereum solution.

The initiative could be a response to a similar move by Optimism, whose developers presented a similar Superchain project.

Based on Hyperchains, the Matter Labs team expects to create a network of interconnected blockchains using zero-knowledge proofs. zkSync Era is supposed to be the first “hyperchain”

“ZK Stack is the way to build and deploy Hyperchains. This is a toolkit that allows the community to expand the system and start working on the realization of its mission”, Matter Labs senior vice president of technology Anthony Rose said.

The presented architecture allows you to create “hyperchains” of both the second (working in parallel with zkSync Era) and the third (on top of this solution) levels.

Developers can customize Hyperchains depending on the intended purpose of the blockchain. A desirable condition is to run your own sequencer. Matter Labs plans to introduce its decentralized counterpart.

“ZK Stack will give developers full sovereignty. Starting from choosing the data availability mode and ending with using your own utility token to decentralize the sequencer. The open source framework is compatible withEVMtested in battle and designed for the future”, developers explained.

Hyperchains may be of interest to teams that need:

  • lightweight sequencer with low latency rollups;
  • dappswhich can communicate without the trust assumptions inherent in bridges;
  • closed private network with connection to the ecosystem;
  • utility token as the underlying asset of the system being developed.

“Hyperchains” can be connected using so-called “hyperbridges”. The latter are intended for inter-network exchanges. The process will take a few minutes and cost the same as a normal transaction. The system may resemble Cosmos with its IBC technology.

Like OP Stack, the ZK Stack competitor is available under an open source MIT/Apache license.

“Now our priority is to help more teams understand the ZK Stack and contribute to its development. With the launch of more hyperchains, the number of participants will grow, the community will become the true owner of the zkSync network,” – the message says.

The first hyperchains are expected to go live this year.

As a reminder, Matter Labs launched the alpha version of zkSync Era in March 2023.

Later, 1inch Network, Aave and Rocket Pool added support for the L2 solution.

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