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Maria Shukshina recalled the last instructions of Mikhail Zadornov

Anatoly Lomokhov/Global Look Press
Anatoly Lomokhov/Global Look Press

Actress and TV presenter Maria Shukshina decided to recall the instructions of the satirist writer Mikhail Zadornov, which he gave in a recent interview.

Shukshina remembered how Zadornov instructed the youth. The writer taught young people to distinguish truth from propaganda. The TV presenter published a short excerpt from his interview in the Telegram channel.

“I think they (the West. – Approx. FAN) cannot understand us with their minds, because cordiality cannot be digitized,” Zadornov said.

The TV presenter noted that the interview is worth watching in full. In it, Zadornov talks about the value of a working person, about television shows and about liberals who do not have their own opinion.

The writer gave this interview shortly before his death in 2017. Everyone knows Zadornov as a critic of the West. He remained true to himself, even when he realized that his life would soon be cut short due to a terrible illness.

Zadornov is also called a prophet. In March, actress Olga Budina recalled the writer’s words about Ukraine. She shared the statement with her fans.



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