Manukyan commented on the direct line with Beglov: if you can’t cope, delegate your responsibilities to other people

prt scr |  Alexander Beglov
prt scr | Alexander Beglov

The direct line with the governor of St. Petersburg began on January 28 at 16:00 Moscow time and lasted only an hour. That’s how much time I’m willing to spend Alexander Beglov to communicate with the inhabitants of the city and not a minute more. During the conversation with the residents of St. Petersburg, the mayor had to answer numerous questions regarding poor-quality cleaning of the city in the winter.

From year to year, Smolny regularly sets the task of purchasing equipment, finding the necessary personnel, but does not cope with the goals set.

Beglov was asked why snowplows are not visible on the street during the daytime, especially during snowfalls that paralyze traffic and create huge traffic jams. To this, the official replied that the main time of work of utilities is at night. Because if a large amount of equipment is released into the city at the same time, this will further stall the city’s transport system.

At the same time, in fact, the words of the governor are nothing more than a statement about the violation of the regulations for the production of work on the comprehensive cleaning of roads, streets, intra-quarter territories. The relevant documents clearly indicate the time during which public utilities workers must get rid of ice, snow masses and other “charms” of the winter period. The speed and procedure for performing such tasks are established at the federal and regional levels.

A large number of St. Petersburg residents also filed claims against private companies that still serve their homes and neighborhoods. The problems are the same: they don’t clean well, they don’t clean at all. The reform, according to which the responsibility for cleaning the city completely assumes state-owned companies, began on January 1st. At the same time, contracts with private contractors are still there.

Journalist Vadim Manukyan was also among those dissatisfied with the quality of snow removal. In conversation with a correspondent FAN he scolded the mayor for irresponsibility and suggested that he resign:

“Every winter we go to the bathhouse, oh, that is, every winter in St. Petersburg there is a lot of snow on the streets. Everything is like in “Irony of Fate”. No, of course, I understand the weather, precipitation, but you still need to keep the city in order. Tired of drowning in snowdrifts. You get out of the transport and you fall into a snow trap. And it starts to melt a little and you find yourself knee-deep in water. Order must be restored, Mr. Beglov. Tourists come and what do they see? If you can’t, if you can’t cope, delegate your responsibilities to others.”

Earlier, Beglov shifted the blame for poor snow removal to “crook” contractors.


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