Manturov hopes for the absence of losses for AvtoVAZ after the suspension of production

Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov expressed the hope that AvtoVAZ will not incur losses due to the suspension of production of some models amid problems with the supply of components. According to him, the company compensates for the forced pause by carrying out annual preventive work during its period.

“I think there should be no damage, because AvtoVAZ took advantage of the stop and will not stop in the summer for preventive work,” Mr. Manturov told reporters (quoted by Interfax). “The need is technological, every year all manufacturers – including Russian ones – stop at prevention. Taking into account the fact that there was a pause and the colleagues took advantage of this, during this time the first delivery of electronic components was ensured. Largus and X-Ray have been launched from today, I hope that from tomorrow on other models the conveyor will also be launched. “

Recall that the lack of auto components in early June led to the suspension of production of Lada Xray, Largus, Granta, Niva Legend. The problem arose on the side of the supplier of electronics and steering systems – the Bosch concern.

More details about the situation – in the material of “Kommersant” “AvtoVAZ is not given details.”

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