Home Business Manturov: cars in Russia have risen in price by 25-30%

Manturov: cars in Russia have risen in price by 25-30%


The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said that the cost of cars in Russia increased by 25-30%. Among the reasons for the increase in prices, Mr. Manturov named inflation growth in March-February and the depreciation of the ruble. “Today, cars have risen in price by 25–30%,” Mr. Manturov said in an interview with NTV at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). “There are many reasons. In February-March, prices rose, the course changed, there were purchases of components. Naturally, today the costs incurred by enterprises must somehow be compensated,” added Mr. Manturov. On June 17, at a meeting of the meeting on the development of the automotive industry, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for ensuring the availability of cars. According to the President, this could be facilitated by the fall in metal prices and the growth of the ruble. In May, the government approved a resolution simplifying the requirements for car certification. It was allowed to produce cars of all environmental classes, as well as with a simplified design ….

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