Manta Network launched mainnet L2 solutions Pacific


The Manta Network team has announced the alpha launch of the Pacific Layer 2 mainnet for zero-knowledge (ZK) proof-based applications.

In July, the project raised $25 million to create the ZK network and launched the Pacific testnet. According to the statement, the protocol has deployed more than 250 smart contracts, conducted 4 million transactions and activated 200,000 wallets.

Manta Pacific is positioned as the first modular EVM-native execution level, specially designed for the implementation of ZK applications.

The network was built using a modified OP Stack software package from Optimism.

The L2 protocol uses Celestia’s solution to ensure data availability and reduce transmission fees. At the testnet stage, Ethereum was used for this.

Pacific provides developers with universal designs ZK-as-a-Service And SDK with functionality Plug-and-Play.

“We believe that ZK applications are the next generation dappsbecause they pay close attention to the security and privacy of users,” the team emphasized.

Let us remind you that on August 9, the public launch of the Base L2 network from Coinbase took place. By the beginning of September, the protocol reached ninth place in terms of the volume of blocked assets with an indicator of $380 million.

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