MakerDAO Community Offered to Raise DAI Deposit Rate


Block Analitica proposed to the MakerDAO community to raise the rate of return on DAI stablecoins locked in smart contracts of the platform to 3.33% per annum.

The Block Analitica proposal was supported by the MakerDAO (Risk Core Unit Team) risk management team. The initiative involves increasing the DAI Savings Rate (DSR) from the current 1% to 3.33%.

The DSR smart contract allows DAI holders to lock stablecoins for profit according to a set interest rate. The system is one of the main levers of the platform’s monetary policy.

“This creates an entirely new direction for incentives to balance the supply and demand of DAI. This model allows you to allocate capital more efficiently, while fulfilling its main role – providing users with strong and decentralized stability, ”says the MakerDAO blog.

Payments to users under the DSR are accrued from the stabilization fees that are levied on owners of Vaults smart contracts.

The last time the MakerDAO community raised the DSR was in December 2022. In February, the developers reported that over 35 million DAI were received in the smart contracts of the platform in one month against the backdrop of an increase in the rate.

Block Analitica founder Primoz Kordez noted that if accepted, the proposal would raise rates of return across the decentralized finance segment.

According to him, DAI is relatively risk-free, unlike protocols like Aave and Compound. Therefore, the latter will have to adjust the parameters in order to attract users.

Recall that in May 2023, MakeDAO developers launched the Spark Protocol, a DAI-oriented liquidity marketplace.

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