Major of the Airborne Forces Chernyakov about the feat of the paratroopers: The wounded performed a combat mission at the beginning of the special operation

According to him, then the command post was subjected to artillery fire. The personnel received shrapnel and gunshot wounds. The soldiers were immediately given first aid.

At the same time, the fighters continued to carry out their combat mission. “The artillery was adjusted, and we continued to destroy the enemy,” RIA Novosti quotes, referring to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Chernyakova also told how, together with a friend, they managed to capture the captured enemy car. “In this car, we … carried out the supply of ammunition, the evacuation of the wounded, and all this was under incessant mortar and artillery fire,” the major said.

Servicemen participating in a special military operation are heroes. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with the mothers of the military. “Only they themselves, guys, know that they are real heroes,” Putin said. The President stressed that no one except the participants in the special operation knows how hard it is.

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