Lukashenko requires a new Council of Ministers to reduce dependence on the Russian Federation due to new sales markets

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko demanded that the new government reduce dependence on Russia by diversifying the markets for its own products and, accordingly, attracting foreign currency.
According to Belta state agency, such a statement was made at a meeting with the new government, which was headed by Roman Golovchenko. Lukashenko, in particular, indicated that the country’s economic growth should be not only due to the domestic market, but mainly due to exports and external demand.

“No export – no currency. Moreover, the problem of dependence on the market of one country should be resolved completely. We cannot even depend on fraternal Russia by 50-55%. We must diversify the markets,” the president said.

He drew attention to the fact that earlier decisions had been made on the need to develop exports to countries near and far abroad, to search for new markets, and “serious progress” was needed in this direction.

Lukashenko noted that Belarus has an open economy, but measures to protect its own market are still necessary.

“Our domestic market is small, but in no case should anyone give it up. This is the issue that the government faces, and that government (the old staff headed by Sergey Rumas – ed.) Did not solve this issue,” Lukashenko said .

He called the Council of Ministers “the economic headquarters and center for the development of critical decisions.” According to Lukashenko, officials need to find forms and tools that will force the entire system of state bodies to ensure the fulfillment of the main goal – “achieving sustainable balanced economic growth at a rate higher than the global average.” No one should stay away from this work, everyone should clearly understand their role in this process, the president added.

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