Losses from Alphapo hack estimated at $60 million


On-chain researcher ZachXBT discovered an additional $37 million stolen in a recent hack into cryptocurrency payment provider Alphapo. The total loss was $60 million.

Data: Twitter.

He also admitted the involvement of the North Korean hacker group Lazarus Group in the attack, as they “leave a clear fingerprint on the network.” The attack affected addresses in the Bitcoin, Tron and Ethereum networks.

Alphapo managed transactions for the online gambling platforms HypeDrop, Bovada and Ignition, from which the bulk of the funds were stolen.

Given that hot protocol wallets had a constant internet connection, it was easier for hackers to access them. Some platforms have already suspended withdrawals to prevent further damage.

According to experts DeDotFiattacking the Alphapo.eth address, the hackers converted the stolen funds into ETH, and then redirected them through the Bitcoin and Avalanche networks.

Analysts suggested that a possible cause of the incident is the leakage of private keys.

Recall that in July, a hacker withdrew $ 1.5 million from the Rodeo Finance DeFi protocol through manipulations with the oracle.

In the first half of 2023, the crypto industry faced 395 hacks, losing about $479.4 million as a result.

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