L’Oreal fined € 370 thousand for espionage

A Paris commercial court fined one of the world’s largest cosmetics manufacturers, the French company L’Oreal, € 370,000 for commercial espionage. The injured party was the Guinot company, which includes several hundred beauty institutes. She claimed compensation in the amount of € 13.5 million, Agence France-Presse reports.

The court found that L’Oreal had appropriated the technology and techniques developed by Guinot. According to the investigation, L’Oreal sent people to the Guinot beauty institutes under the guise of inspection inspectors. They learned the methods of working in Guinot establishments, these methods are its trade secrets. At the same time, the court ruled that the financial damage to Guinot was significantly lower than that indicated in the claim and reduced the amount of compensation. According to the court, the illegal actions of L’Oreal negatively affected the plans of Guinot’s activities abroad, primarily in the United States.

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