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Lithuania has increased the quota for the number of passengers on transit trains from Russia

Russian Railways trains to and from Kaliningrad will be able to carry almost 3,000 passengers a month more than before in August, the Russian Railways press service told Izvestia on July 27.

The carrier specified that the Lithuanian side had agreed to increase the quota.

“In agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania and the State Border Protection Service under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, it was decided that from August 2022 the maximum number of passengers traveling across the territory of the state in one transit train will be increased to 300 (previously it was up to 250 passengers),” Russian Railways said.

Four trains run to the Kaliningrad region from the main territory of Russia: two “Moscow” trains (branded “Yantar” and No. 148/147), a train St. Petersburg-Kaliningrad and a train to Adler.

The quota, which limits the number of passengers in one transit train, was introduced by the Lithuanian side back in 2020 in order to minimize the contacts of people in the cars.

At the same time, Lithuania banned boarding / disembarking passengers in cities across the country. This restriction is still in effect.

On July 26, the governor of the Kaliningrad region of Russia, Anton Alikhanov, announced that after the unblocking of transit to the region through Lithuania, the first train with cement arrived. According to him, this will relieve some of the tension that arose earlier in the building materials market.

At midnight on June 18, a ban on the transit of a number of goods to the Kaliningrad region from Lithuania came into force. Vilnius explained it by the implementation of the fifth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation. On the same day, Alikhanov called such a decision illegal.

On July 13, the European Commission published clarifications on the transit of goods subject to Western sanctions. They state that rail transportation is permitted subject to a number of conditions.

On July 14, Alikhanov said that the recommendations of the European Commission removed 80% of restrictions on transit to the region. He called it a victory for Russian diplomacy.

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