Litecoin Foundation partners with Rubic

litecoin min
litecoin min

Cross-chain swap aggregator Rubic has announced a partnership with the non-profit Litecoin Foundation. This is stated in a press release provided by ForkLog.

The initiative aims to speed up, anonymize and increase the security of transactions for Litecoin users.

“Rubic’s cutting-edge technology and commitment to interoperability fit perfectly into the fast, scalable, and secure Litecoin blockchain ecosystem,” said David Schwartz, director of strategic partnerships.

According to the press release, more than 60 leading blockchains, 90 decentralized exchanges and bridges are connected to Rubic, which ensures the exchange of at least 15,500 digital assets with the most favorable rates and high liquidity.

In November 2022, Rubic lost over $1.2 million after a hacker gained access to a seed phrase from an admin wallet.

Recall that in February 2023, an analogue of the Ordinals protocol was launched on the Litecoin network, which allowed users to place various objects in the form of images, text, videos, and in other formats.

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