Limit on new credit cards peaks in April since early 2019

The average limit on credit cards issued in April reached 72.9 thousand rubles, this is the maximum since the beginning of 2019, follows from the data of the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH). The growth of the average amount available to holders of new cards in comparison with March amounted to 3.6 thousand rubles. (5.2%).

This trend was also recorded by the credit bureau Equifax and the United Credit Bureau (OKB). According to Equifax estimates, in April the average limit increased by 4.5 thousand rubles. (+ 6.7%), up to 72.5 thousand rubles. The Bureau attributes this to “normal market volatility.” The OKB recorded an increase of 3.3%, up to 71.4 thousand rubles, according to RBC.

At Otkritie Bank, the average limit on credit cards increased by 18% compared to March. According to Fyodor Portnykh, the head of the bank’s credit card unit, the reason for this was the change in the approach “in setting limits in the low-risk segment of salary clients”. Post Bank said that campaigns to increase the limits are taking place regularly, and “April was no exception.” The representative of “Russian Standard” said that there was no noticeable revision of the limits in April, Sovcombank called the approach to calculating the available amounts on credit cards stable. VTB did not observe a tendency to increase the limits.

On May 24, the NBCH announced an increase in the average size of consumer loans issued in Russia in April by 16.1% compared to March, to 317.7 thousand rubles. At the same time, according to the NBCH, in April, for the first time this year, the number of new credit cards issued decreased. According to experts, this happened because both banks and their clients switched to cash loans.

For more information on issuing cards, see the article by Kommersant “Credit cards have stopped growing.”

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