Lightning Labs introduced bitcoin tools for AI


Lightning Labs has unveiled LangChainBitcoin tools that will allow AI developers to integrate Bitcoin payments into their solutions.

Lightning Labs introduced bitcoin tools for AI
Data: Twitter.

“Tools are built on the L402 protocol, Lightning Network’s native authentication mechanism, and Langchain, a popular library for simplifying work with AI agents,” the description says.

LangChainBitcoin allows you to directly interact with bitcoin, store balance, send and receive cryptocurrency through a micropayment network, and directly manage the LND node, Lightning Labs developers emphasized.

According to them, the boom in training large language models in the field of AI has revealed a problem – when paying for services, projects are forced to rely on outdated methods like bank cards. This leads to increased costs that platforms pass on to users.

According to the Lightning Labs team, bitcoin is the native currency of the Internet, so its use will be quite natural.

The LangChainBitcoin set enables AI projects to realize API pay-as-you-go.

Recall that in June, the capacity of the Lightning Network updated the highs in dollar and cryptocurrency terms.

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